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From the ecology of the soul - to the ecology of the universe!

The International Green School (hereinafter - IGS) was established in 2012 with the aim of implementing STrEAM education, the formation of green values, unification in sincere communication, and cooperation.

The school is a social project and represented as an alternative to a state school.


creating a territory of joy

STrEAM education should be GREEN, that is green in content and educational technology. The International Green School is characterized by a warm and friendly atmosphere and concentrated on teamwork, creative approach to education, and harmonious personality development.

In 2017, video lessons in robotics, biology, and shop class for STrEAM courses were shot. The given Lessons are freely available at the following link

    • more than 3,500 participants from all regions of Ukraine, schoolchildren and teachers of scientific lyceums and art schools;
    • the initiator of a special program for schoolchildren from eastern Ukraine and Crimea;
    • a platform for implementing STrEAM education in local communities;
    • everyone from 3 to 93 years old;
    • schoolchildren of secondary schools, students of scientific lyceums, art schools as well as children and youth from eastern Ukraine and Crimea;
    • families.
    • to promote science, traditional art, and the media
    • to form experimental skills and ability to observe, record, analyze, and present the results of scientific activity;
    • to teach teamwork in a circle of like-minded people;
    • to cultivate a Personality in whom thirst for knowledge and art harmoniously combine with the readiness for mutual support, assistance, and volunteer work as well as a Person who has not only a powerful intelligence but also a tenderheart.
    Science & art / ethnic & media workshops in green space;
    • in-depth study of mathematics, chemistry, physics, biology, astronomy, and other natural sciences
    • experiments, research, and observations
    • communication with well-known scientists, journalists, and artists
    • study scientific English
    • scientific weekends for the whole family
    • preparation for External Independent Evaluation and State Final Certification in small groups with experienced teachers
    • School of Arts
    • Green Media School, School of Scientific Journalism for Children and Youth
    • “fun science" for kids
    • counseling of participants of international and national competitions of young scientists
  • HOW ?
    • holiday camps for children, youth, and families in Carpathians;
    • festivals;
    • scientific weekends for the whole family;
    • expeditions to the observatory;
    • School of Scientific Journalism;
    • stationary classes in Kyiv;
    • meetings and classes with famous scholars, artists, and media professionals.
  • WHERE?
    • In Kosmach village, Kosiv district, Stavnitska Str., 128 (coordinates of geolocation: 48.308176,24.832688) as well as in and the city of Kyiv, small towns and villages of Ukraine
  • In the International Green School, each project contains of scientific, artistic, ethnic, media, and ecological components. The school implements research-oriented learning, experiments on math, chemistry, astronomy, biology, physics, paleontology, and other subjects (including interdisciplinary). Participants also practice inpainting and shadow theater, participate in master classes in straw plating, making Easter eggs, pottery and other ethnic workshops. Studying folk dances is a necessary part of the program because it contributes to the formation of teamwork spirit. Moreover, children have an opportunity to create their own cartoon in the children's media studio "Birds" and to study at the School of Scientific Journalism.

    • True relationship and clean environment: From the ecology of the soul - to the ecology of the universe!
    • Science - for peace, education - for everyone!
    • Media - for creativity, communication, and joy!
    • Peaceful skies are for everyone!
Brochure about IGS

We hold sessions of the International Green School all year round: in summer and winter, autumn and spring.
The International Green School invites you to have a rest and study in Carpathians.

Do you want to expand the school program?
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Additional information about the International Green School
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Coordinator of the International Green School Yuliia Nika:
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+38 044 279 00 96;
е-mail: igskosmach@gmail.com

The organizer of the International Green School:
NGO “Open Policy Foundation”