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Funds projects and initiatives: success stories



1) The Family Center "How to Draw a Bird..."

It was established in 2009.

The aim of the Center is to foster respect for national traditions, preserve family values, create a culture of using new media, promote intercultural dialogue, support creative initiatives, and establish contacts between students from different cities and villages of Ukraine and from different countries.

In the Center, there are a children's media studio "Birds", studio of straw plaiting, a painting of Easter eggs, making a traditional clay toy, decorative painting, the School of Traditional Dance and Folk Games, a discussion media club.

2) International Family Festival "How to Draw a Bird ..."

The main tasks: to promote the formation of benevolent behavior through the creation of an atmosphere of kindness and love during the actions; to stimulate children and adults to creativity, to realize their inner potential; to draw the attention of parents to the need to "hear the child", the importance of conducting sincere dialogue between generations; to show the spiritual world of Ukrainians through the co-creation of children and adults - representatives of various national cultures; to promote the formation of a culture of using new media and counteracting electronic aggression, the spread of non-chemical addictions; to promote the ecological culture of rest; to support social and creative initiatives in local communities.

During 2008-2015, a number of social projects were implemented by the festival "How to draw a bird...":

"Read a book to a child"

"Write your dream ..."

"Easter in Kosmach: Performance "How to draw a bird..."

"Let's be friends!"

"Trypillia Circle-2008: Territory of Childhood"

"Oreli: From the grandma's box"

"The screen - for us!"

"Traditional holidays in Ukraine"

"The screen - for us! Building Europe together with children and for children"

"Trypillia Circle-2009: "Oh, the Nightingale flew to our earth"

"Let's be friends. Together with us! "

"The Beauty of Diversity: From the Grandma’s Box"

The Family center "How to draw a bird ..."

Children's media studio "BIRDS"

School Ethno-Festival "Easter Circle" 

International Media School

International Green School

The civil platform for reforming the scientific sphere in Ukraine

“Give the good to Christmas! Help children of Donbas” 

"Assistance to schoolchildren of 9 and 11 grades from the zone of the Antiterrorist operation and Crimea: educational and social support"

In 2011, the methodical manual "Formation of Intercultural Dialogue among Schoolchildren" (written by I. Zhdanova, L. Yerhieva, N. Gusak, and O. Zelenska) which was developed by the Foundation's experts received the stamp of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine for use in general educational institutions.

3) Children's Media Studio "Birds"

It was created in 2009.

The main tasks of the media studio are to promote a culture of using new media in children and adolescents, to use media as a tool of creativity and a means of counteracting aggression, to develop intercultural dialogue through creating their own media products by children.

In the media studio, children learn how to write scripts, shoot, edit, voice, make their own media products. At the same time, media educators offer children to cover such topical social problems as preserving ecology, family values, national traditional Ukrainian culture and culture of the peoples of the world, supporting orphans and refugee children, and establishing a dialogue between different generations.

4) International Green School

It was founded in 2012 within the framework of the project "From the Ecology of the Soul - To the Ecology of the Universe"

The goal: the formation of ecological responsibility, the popularization of scientific knowledge in society, the upbringing of the Person, in whom the desire for knowledge is harmoniously combined with readiness for mutual support and mutual assistance, for volunteer work.


2012-2015 - conducting of traveling green laboratories; theoretical and practical lessons with teachers and scientists from leading universities and institutes of Ukraine; meetings with post-graduate students and students of universities in Europe and the USA; scientific quests for schoolchildren; photo contests "Science in the lens", expeditions to the observatory to the astronomical observation station in Lisnyky; scientific weekends for families, meteorological expeditions to the Polisky nature reserve and the village of Kosmach (Carpathians);

2012-2015 - conducting of visiting sessions of the International Green School in the village of Kosmach (Carpathians);

2014 - with the support of the Embassy of France in Ukraine – the organization of the all-Ukrainian competition of innovative eco-projects for the villages "International Green School - Green Life";

2015 – the organization of the IX All-Ukrainian Science Festival (May 19-21, 2015), in conjunction with the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and the Minor Academy of Sciences of Ukraine;

2015 – the start of work of the mobile sessions of the IGS - trips to regional schools and lyceums of Ukraine.

5) The Civil Platform for Reforming the Scientific Sphere of Ukraine

It was created in order to develop and implement proposals for reforming science and education of Ukraine at the roundtable "Young Science of Ukraine: Risks and Prospects" (10.11.2014) on the initiative of the Open Policy Foundation.

Results: Article 26 which contains provisions on the scientific lyceum and scientific boarding school was included in the Law of Ukraine “On Science and Scientific and Technology Activities", and proposals were also taken into account in other articles to support young scientists.

The article on the moral, spiritual characteristics of the teacher, as well as article 18 (proposals for sports, military, art education), were included in the Law of Ukraine "On Education".

6) The Project "Assistance to Schoolchildren of 9 and 11 classes from the ATO zone and Crimea: Educational and Social Support"

It is realized since 2014.

The main tasks: creating conditions for schoolchildren from the zone of the anti-terrorist operation and Crimea for obtaining certificates on education; conducting an information campaign for students and teachers from the occupied territories; lobbying proposals for solving the educational problems of the Crimea and Donbas at the state level; solution of the issue of distance education; the destruction of stereotypes in the public consciousness of the inhabitants of the East and West and the construction of the bridges of peace.

The project was supported by the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine and the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

Results: prolongation of registration deadlines for external independent evaluation (EIE) and State Final Examination (SFE), conducting additional sessions for schoolchildren from the ATO zone and Crimea; the cancellation of pass cards for crossing the line of contact for the period of EIE- SFE for the eleventh-graders from the ATO zone and the accompanying person; development and placement of step-by-step instructions on how to obtain a Ukrainian certificate for eleventh-graders from the ATO zone and Crimea on official websites of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine, Ukrainian Center for Educational Quality Assessment; for the period of the admission campaign 160 children lived in boarding school in Sievierodonetsk.

7) The information campaign "Clear Thursday"

It was a series of regular weekly press conferences (November 5-December 10, 2015) in the Ukrainian national information agency “Ukrinform” under the general theme "From the ecology of values - to the ecology of the universe: challenges in the face of global climate change", as well as round tables. At the same time, thematic programs and radio interviews were broadcasted and blogs on the LB.ua portal and materials on other media resources were published. In the social network Facebook, the page of the information campaign “Clear Thursday” was created, which continues to cover news and events.

Weekly there were discussions on a particular aspect of the topic. Scientists, politicians, artists, diplomats, representatives of the church, public organizations, and journalists were invited as the speakers. Social advertising on environmental issues, made by young journalists of the Children's Media Studio "Birds", was also presented. On November 28, the International Green School together with the French Institute and partners conducted a scientific eco-weekend for the whole family, during which the green laboratories of Fun Science worked, and a French environmental performance was held.

2) Achievements in 10 years of work

1 749 young people from the East and Crimea became students of universities, colleges, institutions of vocational and technical education through the “Donbas-Ukraine” and “Crimea-Ukraine” Education Centers due to joint efforts of the Open Policy Foundation, the state and international organizations;

140 educators from Donetsk, Luhansk and Ivano-Frankivsk Oblasts participated in training courses and webinars conducted at the International Green School on the implementation of distance education, project management and information campaigns;

• About 41 000 calls, more than 6 000 of them from the East and more than 1 500 of them from Crimea were received by consultants of the education hotline;

3 step-by-step instructions, 3 audio- and 7 video- and animation clips on equal rights to education for residents of temporarily non-government controlled areas of Ukraine in Luhansk and Donetsk Oblasts, territories along the “contact line,” and the temporarily occupied Crimea, were created and distributed by the Foundation in 2018;

• About 290, 000 visits and about 72,500 views of the Dostupna Osvita website, dostupnaosvita.com.ua , which hosts free video lessons, video tutorials and information on education in Ukraine;

6500 information materials on a simplified system of admission to higher educational institutions, vocational schools for children and youth from temporarily non-government controlled areas of Ukraine were distributed by the Foundation in Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts;

Over 2 million people, including those from temporarily non-government controlled areas of Ukraine in Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts and the temporarily occupied Crimea, were covered by the national and regional information campaign on equality of rights to education, conducted by the Foundation;

Over 450 children had the opportunity to join STEM/STrEAM education at the International Green School;

The Foundation's proposals regarding distance education became part of the UN’s 2019 Humanitarian Response Plan and the 2019 Humanitarian Needs Overview;

STEM/STrEAM partner education program started with educational institutions of Israel;

• A public platform for the science education reform in Ukraine developed the Regulations on the scientific lyceum, the scientific boarding lyceum.

Irina's Zhdanova blog Blog of "Clear Thursday" event