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The holiday is coming! Festive physics for children and adults in the International Green School!

Dec. 17, 2017, 4:05 p.m.

Do you want to learn how to make masks for Malanka?
Do you want to study the properties of ultraviolet light?
Do you want to make New Year makeup using fluorescent inks , or to find out how snowflakes are formed?
And don’t you believe that physics can be fascinating?

Come to us in the Green School of the Open Policy Foundation.
We guarantee that the Christmas GREEN STrEAM program in the International Green School will make physics interesting both for children and adults.
We present the author's course of physics by Oleksiy VORONKIN.

Students will study the properties of ultraviolet light, investigate the properties of sunglasses, toning beverages, and compare the properties of detergents. We will make small and big bubbles, pellicles of various sizes, and observe astronomical objects at the classes in the International Green School!

Briefly about the program of the physics course:

1 lesson. Methods of cognition in physics.
2 lesson. Mechanical vibrations and wave processes.
3 lesson. Interesting physics for everyone. Experiments with an ultraviolet lamp.
4 lessons. Resonant phenomena and unusual musical instruments.
5 lesson. Interesting physics for everyone. Physics of a soap bubble.
6 lesson. Stationary waves.
7 lessons. STEAM-approaches to physics classes.
For teachers: how to make a lesson modern, cognitive, interesting and productive.
8 lesson. Characteristics of the sound.
9 lesson. Practice "Spectral Analysis of Sound".

Presentation "Physics of music" by the professor of the International Green School Oleksiy VORONKIN (ukr/eng)

Also there is a Speaking club with the English bearer of the Peace Corps volunteer - Janin WINN in the program. We encourage you to read an interesting article about Janin at the link

We can surprise and seize physics in combination with English even on a holiday! GREEN STrEAM into action!

More about the International Green School

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